Here is a list of the basic meanings of a few commonly used prepositions. A complete description of each preposition, along with the required case forms, can be found in any good dictionary. Oftentimes, the meaning of a preposition depends on the case of the noun it is used with.
по + Dat. 'apiece' Всљм дадџт по одномџ большћму їблоку.
Every person will be given one large apple.
по + Dat. 'around, through(out)' МІ љздили по всљй странљ.
We travelled all over the country.
к + Dat. 'to' Ћн тћлько что пошёл к врачџ.
He just left to go to the doctor.
на + Acc. 'for, intended for' Какће у нђс задђние на срљду?
What's our assignment for Wednesday?
на + Acc. '(motion) on, onto' Ї её положќл на стћл.
I put it on the table.
на + Prep. '(location) on' Онђ лежќт на пћлке.
It's (lying) on the shelf.
в + Acc. '(motion) to, into' Онђ ходќла в ресторђн.
She went to a restaurant.
в + Prep. '(location) in, at' Онђ былђ в ресторђне.
She was at the restaurant.
из + Gen. 'from, out of' Вћт письмћ из МосквІ.
Here's a letter from Moscow.
от + Gen. 'from' Вћт письмћ от моегћ брђта.
Here's a letter from my brother.
у + Gen. (in the 'have' construction) У менї љсть вопрћс.
I have a question.
у + Gen. 'at' Ћн живёт у Ивђна Петрћвича.
He lives at Ivan Petrovich's.
о + Prep. 'about, concerning' Расскажќте о предлћжном падежљ.
Tell us about the Prepositional case.