The links below lead to four lists of some common Perfective verbs and their Imperfective partners.
The first three lists include by far the largest number of verbs in the language.
There is no sure way to take a verb and form its aspect partner the way you take a noun and form, say, its Instrumental case. However, there are ways of looking at a verb (as in group 1), or a pair of verbs, (as in groups 2 and 3) and being able to tell the aspect of the verb.
  1. -ыва-/-ива- verbs. All verbs with this suffix are Imperfective
  2. -ить verbs vs. -ять/-ать verbs. Goven a pair of verbs with these suffixes, the one in -ить will be Perfective.
  3. Prefixed vs. unprefixed verbs. Given a pair of verbs, one simple and the other prefixed, the Prefixed verb will be Perfective. (Unprefixed verbs are almost all Imperfective; дђть and купќть are exceptions to this generalization.)
  4. Verbs whose aspect is impossible to guess