With certain verbs, чтћбы is used with a past tense form to introduce a clause. Most such verbs have something to do with wishes, commands, and giving advice.
Ї не хочџ, чтобы ћн стоїл в столћвой. I don't want it standing in the dining room.
Ї хотљл, чтобы онђ встђла. I wanted her to get up.
Ї љй сказђл, чтобы онђ встђла. I told her to get up.
Warning: Do not use an infinitive in construction 2, i.e. don't be misled by the use of the English infinitive in a sentence like 'I want him to sing'. If the two verbs have different subjects, you must use the чтобы + л-construction. Compare:
Infinitive: Ї хочџ пљть. I want to sing. (Same subject: I want, I sing.)
чтобы + л: Ї хочџ, чтобы ћн пљл. I want him to sing. (Different: I want, he sings.)
Compare что and чтћбы:
Онђ сказђла, что онќ подписђли письмћ. She said that they had signed the letter.
Онђ сказђла, чтобы онќ подписђли письмћ. She told them to sign the letter.