The adjective стђрший means both 'the oldest' and 'older.' In the former meaning, it is a superlative form of стђрый. In the latter, it is a regular adjective with a comparative meaning; it is not a comparative form of another adjective.
Млђдший 'the youngest; younger' and a few other adjectives work the same way. When in doubt about a form that looks like a superlative, look it up in a dictionary.
Јто нђш стђрший сІн. (superlative form of стђрый) This is our eldest (first-born) son.
Пљтя — мћй стђрший брђт. (primary form of стђрший, a different adjective) Petya is my older brother.
Ћля — млђдшая в нђшей семьљ. (superlative form of молодћй) Olya is the youngest in our family.
Кђтя — мої млђдшая сестрђ. (primary form of млђдший, a different adjective) Katya is my younger sister.