The most common way of expression 'from' one point in time 'to' another is to use the prepositions с and до plus the Genitive case. (A less common way is от... до...)
If you want to specify more precisely that the second point is included in the stretch of time, you can use по + Accusative. Compare:
Ї тђм былђ с понедљльника до средІ. I was there from Monday to Wednesday.
Ї тђм былђ с понедљльника по срљду. I was there from Monday through Wednesday.
Note the following usages in which only the first point in time is mentioned. Sometimes the preposition с is better translated by English 'since'. The verb начђть/начинђть 'begin' requires the preposition с + Genitive to specify the time at which the activity starts, whereas English requires the preposition 'from'.
Ї живџ в Москвљ с веснІ. I've been living in Moscow since spring.
Мћцарт писђл мџзыку с рђннего дљтства. Mozart wrote music from early childhood.
Ї тђм былђ трќ днї, начинђя со средІ. I was there 3 days, starting from Wednesday.