The Genitive case is used with quantity-words: скћлько 'how many', мнћго 'a lot, many', мђло 'not many, few,' etc. Such words as бутІлка 'a bottle,' стакђн 'a glass,' etc. are also used with Genitive forms, when they are used as a measure of quantity.
Скћлько у вђс стакђнов? How many glasses do you have?
У нђс мнћго стакђнов. We have a lot of glasses (=We have many glasses).
У нђс мђло стакђнов. We don't have many glasses (=We have few glasses).
Ћн купќл килогрђмм мїса. He bought a kilo of meat.
Ћн вІпил стакђн пќва. He had a glass of beer.
If the noun is singular, these quantity-words may be translated 'much, little' instead of 'many, few'.
Скћлько у вђс икрІ? How much caviar do you have?
У нђс мнћго икрІ. We have a lot of caviar (=We have much caviar).
У нђс мђло икрІ. We don't have much caviar (=We have little caviar).