Some verbs (verbs of speaking, like попросќть) allow two ways to express a wish:
  • Ї попросќл её (Acc.) встђть (Infinitive) 'I asked her to get up'.
  • Ї попросќл чтћбы онђ (Nom.) встђла (Past) (Same meaning.)
Other verbs (like хотљть and сказђть) do not allow the construction with an infinitive. Instead, you must use a clause introduced by чтћбы. The verb in this construction is in the past tense, although it does not have past meaning.
Ї попросќл её встђть. I asked her to get up.
Ї хотљл, чтобы онђ встђла. I wanted her to get up.
Ї љй сказђл, чтобы онђ встђла. I told her to get up.