Audio Recordings & Syllabus in Russian 1121/1122 and 1131/1132

What To Do After Your First Class

Recording Russian words and sentences is part of your homework for Russian 1121 (and 1122 in the spring, as well as 1131-1132). Use the program called Web Audio Lab to make the recordings and upload them to our server. This is required homework, shown in the syllabus. The teacher will review your recordings by playing them from the server.

Web Audio Lab by Slava Paperno is an online application that can be used with several (but not all) modern browsers on Windows, Mac OS, and Chrome OS computers. Most likely, you will be able to use it from your own room. However, we strongly recommend that you use the computers in the language lab for the first couple of days. This will help you avoid possible technical glitches and concentrate on your work rather than waste time fighting your microphone.

The lab is located in the Language Resource Center in G-25 and G-27 Stimson Hall.

Map: Goldwin Smith Hall to Noyes Lodge

On the afternoon or evening after your first Russian 1121 or 1131 class, go to the Language Resource Center in G-25 or G27 Stimson Hall and use one of the Mac OS computers there. At home, you can use a Windows PC or Chromebook as well. If you run into any technical problems, talk to the student attendant in the lab or to the technicians on the same floor (more or less).

In Windows, you may use Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, and Opera; in Mac OS, use Chrome or Opera; on a Chromebook, use Chrome. Safari is not supported. Firefox is being evaluated. WAL can be used on tablets only in a limited playback-only mode that will not allow you to submit your homework.

  1. start one the supported browsers
  2. go to your Russian 1121 or 1131 Syllabus ( under Current Classes)
  3. click the link for "Lesson 1 in Web Audio Lab" (assigned for the second day of classes)
  4. click register and complete the registration form; use your first name in the nickname box (you will get a Russian nickname later)
  5. you will receive an email with your password; use it to log in
  6. if you see You need to sign up for a class, select your section of CU > RUSSA1121 or 1131 in the box at the bottom and click Sign up; after that, you may have to log in again
  7. when you see Where do you want to go?, click Beginning Russian
  8. IMPORTANT: as soon as the Beginning Russian title screen is opened, the browser will ask you if you want to allow the web site to use your microphone. Click Allow. If you ignore this pop-up box or click Block, you will not be able to use the materials.
  9. a red dot or a camcorder/mic icon in the browser's tab will confirm that you are all set to record your voice; if you see a broken icon, click it and correct the situation

After clicking Beginning Russian in the Where..? window, you should see the screen where you will do all your WAL work: listen to short statements and record your own voice--either repeating what you heard or responding to it. Click Start to begin. At certain points the exercise will pause for one reason or another, and you will be directed to click Go On. You may tap the G key instead. Speak when you see a red line running across the screen. There is no Record button: recording starts and stops automatically.

You will see the dots in the bottom row turn red, then green as your voice is recorded and the recordings are submitted to the server. When you're done with all pages in Exercise 1, and the last dot has turned green, click the Next button or select the next exercise from the navigation bar and click Go.

You can quickly review any of your recordings by clicking its dot-button in the bottom row. If your voice seems too quiet, you may need to move the microphone closer to your mouth or else adjust the microphone recording level in your system control/preferences panel.

When you finish your WAL homework, you may, if you wish, click Your history in the navigation bar and verify that your recordings are on the server. That's how your teacher will review your homework.

If you get stuck, see this FAQ on the WAL home page.

Find out what students in Russian 1121/1122 say about using Web Audio Lab.

To see your other assignment for Day 2, consult the Russian 1121 course description and syllabus on our Web site, We will not be distributing printed copies of the syllabus or hand out your homework assignments in class: always consult our Web site.

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