Foreign Language Enrollment at Cornell in 2003-2013 (and Russian enrollment beyond)

In 2013, Cornell's Language Resource Center compiled comprehensive statistics on a decade of student enrollments in foreign language courses at the university. Below, the Russian Language Program offers some of that data for a few languages that are more or less similar to Russian in their popularity among students. The complete report is available from the LRC.
The In vs. Out section shows the distribution of students who are in Cornell's College of Arts and Sciences vs. those from other Cornell colleges. The abbreviations for college names in the Student College section, of interest only to those who know Cornell, are: AG = Agriculture, AR = Architecture, AS = Arts and Sciences, etc. UN stands for Unknown.
In later years, the total annual enrollments in Russian language classes (both semesters) were:
National trends in Russian language enroillments are tracked at this page at American University.