Audio Recordings & Syllabus in Russian 1121/1122 and 1131/1132

What To Do After Your First Class

Recording Russian words and sentences is part of your homework for Russian 1121 (and 1122 in the spring, as well as 1131-1132). Use the program called Web Audio Lab to make the recordings and upload them to our server. This is required homework, shown in the syllabus. The teacher will review your recordings by playing them from the server.

Web Audio Lab by Slava Paperno is an online application that can be used with several (but not all) modern browsers on Windows, Mac OS, Linux, and Chrome OS computers: Google Chrome (recommended), Opera, Microsoft Edge. Safari is not supported. Firefox is being evaluated. Tablets and phones are not supported. If you are on campus, you should be able to use the computers in the language lab in Stimson Hall. If you are not on campus, your language lab is wherever you have a good internet connection.

The lab is located in the Language Resource Center in G-25 and G-27 Stimson Hall.

On the afternoon or evening after your first Russian 1121 or 1131 class, follow these directions:

The short version:

  1. register at
  2. receive your password by email and log in
  3. in the Where do you want to go? screen, sign up for your course, CU > RUSSA 1121 (or 1122, or 1131-1132)
  4. log in again and click Beginning Russian
  5. do not ignore the request to Allow microphone access
  6. select your Lesson and Exercise and click Go

WAL screenshot

This is how your session will go:

If anything seems puzzling, read the WAL FAQ.

The long version: [show]

Find out what students in Russian 1121/1122 say about using Web Audio Lab.

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